4 Must-Have Skills for Front-Line Leaders in 2023

Front-line leaders are the professionals who lead and make decisions for a specific department or organization such as team leaders, supervisors, managers, etc. Importance of front-line managers These front-line managers bridge the gap between upper management and frontline workers. It is their responsibility to keep workers motivated so that they can contribute towards the organization’s […]

Leadership Styles and Group Behavior

As long as there have been leaders, there have been those who tried to determine how and why they were successful. Leadership itself has not evolved, but our understanding of it has. It is important to understand why very different leadership styles can be effective, why the same leadership techniques will not work in every […]

The importance of Motivation in Performance Management

Every employee needs to be motivated so that overall group performance can be improved. Motivation is more than being satisfied. Motivation is what causes employees to go the extra mile and commit to a project or company.  While employees must take some responsibility for motivating themselves, management can help motivate and develop individuals. Some common […]

A Small Business Owner’s Guide to Keep Recurring Costs Low

According to a study by U.S. Bank, 82% of businesses in the United States fail due to inefficient cash flow management. This can include poor practices in accounts payable or accounts receivable as well as expense issues in other areas of the business. While managing cash flow is a multivariable problem, keeping your recurring cost […]

What is My Role in Knowledge Management?

As a manager, it is essential for you to foster and support knowledge sharing throughout the organization. There is a role for you, regardless of the company’s size and industry. In its simplest form, knowledge management is having a system that centralizes knowledge for sharing in an organization.  There are four components of knowledge management: […]